We know that fell running and racing is not without its hazards and at times dangers. In may ways this is part of the allure of our sport – we seek to test ourselves in challenging terrain and conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or new to the hills your safety during the race is paramount and you have a duty to look after yourself and look out for others. The Race Organiser (RO) will uphold the requirements of the FRA in preparation for and in the running of the race.

As a race entrant the RO asks that you take time to remind yourself of the FRA requirements of race entrants, see:

Hypothermia – It doesn’t have to me a bleak mid winter with thrashing rain or snow for fell runners to fall foul of hypothermia – We know HYPOTHERMIA KILLS.

Take 10 mins to read the information on how to spot and what to do about hypothermia see here:

Dropping out of the race – Retiring

If for what ever reason you decide to drop out of the race – NO MATTER AT WHAT STAGE – You MUST report to the nearest Checkpoint Marshall OR the RO at race HQ.

Going home without doing so may result in Mountain Rescue searching for you – It will also definitely result in the RO REPORTING YOU TO THE FRA – No matter who you are!

Medical Attention

If you need Medical/First Aid attention (or know a competitor who does) NOTIFY NEAREST CHECKPOINT MARSHALS or at race end GO TO RACE HQ.

Kit Requirements

FRA rules apply on kit – There will be a kit check prior to your number being allocated.

The RO will also look to random checks at race end. Failure to comply with any aspect of the kit check will mean: NO RACE NUMBER OR DQ.

Weather conditions for the day will inform RO as to additional kit requirements. As a minimum:

  • Full body cover – taped seams and integral hood.
  • Long sleeve thermal base layer top
  • Hat/Gloves
  • Map (of race area)
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Shoes for terrain
  • Emergency food.